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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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when it comes to ending the cycle of sexual abuse against children i was wanted for what i did. he beat up a retired priest that the alleged rape victim would be going to jail. dick weis and traffic nightmare for more than eight hours a high- speed chase in shooting that turned the bay bridge and to crime scene. mac users are vulnerable to viruses after all hawker's proved apple is not invincible. and he never denied being a bit priests but he is not going to jail in his surprise decision a jury's from lynch not guilty for tracking down and be in demand these says molested him and his brother decades ago. get those shows us the red surprised just about
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everyone would've think? i think jack. well linz's mom said it well. healing begins right now. dirichlet's it's wonderful. his thrills. moments before is the jury read the not guilty verdicts will then smiled ever so slightly he admitted on the stands a beating father jerry lee therefrom decades ago and thought for sure he was going to jail. do police and to the shocked because i thought that was going to end up being guilty of something and possibly going to jails i'm happy not to be going to jail and i'm definitely happy that this the jury had their virginity to make a difference here. they tried to force him to sign a confession for molesting him as a seven year-old boy and forcing him to perform oral sex to december brother. he says he beat him the same way that he did years ago he apparently
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perjure himself by tonight denying any wrongdoing despite a mountain of evidence. the jury was told to forget the priest testimony with the verdict was clear that's not justice within a lot. that's revenge. in this as the district attorney and it's my obligation to uphold the rule of law. and this d.a.'s office was so fond of talking about the rule of law in every case of the rule of law must be followed a bill should come for but not deleted. and just kind of doing what needs to be done. the jesuits resisted insane parties of any type games toward children are vulnerable adults is and how abhorrent violation of trust. they continue to pray for anyone affected by views and
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have the results were cbs five is 73% agree with the jury's decision today 20 percent said they did not. the district attorney jeff rosen says he is working with state lawmakers to either extend or limit the statute of limitations in sex crimes against children. his foreign nonprofit group to push for that issue as well. kiddo think you also tonight is and as a family is behind bars accused of forcing mentally disabled people to live in a house of squalor. officers were called to the home on courtroom drive right person live there there they found it doesn't malnourishment with disabled adults living in felt the conditions along with dozens of dogs police say the house was littered with feces and urine also there was no running water and the people there were forced to sleep on mattresses scattered throughout the home. given the
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will to cannot care for themselves the exploited and victimized even more subject to abuse and neglect is that they had to go through. police arrested four people accused of running back home they're all related investigators say the suspects were also stealing social security checks from the victims. the residents now are in protective care. the jockey died after falling from his horse to the alameda county fair in pleasanton suarez suffered a fatal head injury had been thrown off the animal just 30 seconds until today's race he is a big competitor in california and finished first in more than 50 times. two more men are charged to the murder of an accused and in san francisco and san antonio killed in an alphonso williams face murder and conspiracy charges police say they teamed up with a couple
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bent on killing their teenage daughters suspected attempt. the girl's parents pleaded not guilty to last month's deadly shooting in the district's police say his father's cousin. developing news and san francisco tonight car slams into restaurants and then the director takes off this is the row house barbecue and carry boulevard in the city's richmond district of you can see the plate glass window was shattered it would nacelles s after the driver left a restaurant and then crashed into another car and then got on the bus. police are still looking for that driver know when the restaurant was hers. dirichlet's oakland police are looking for a driver who hit and kill the bicyclist and then drove away this did a car drives that cyclists more than 50 ft. on international boulevard by 81st street last night's the name of the bicyclist is not the least. when now know why the driver the cause a partial shutdown of the
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bay bridge during this morning's commute wanted to run a traffic jam start with a speeding car. reporter linda yee with new details on the man behind the mask. traffic was almost at a standstill cars in the central freeway in san francisco barely crawled the early morning commute from san francisco to the east bay and once to our frustrating our deal what i do? record in the car. some considered abandoning work. did later was hoping to get the work to work early today a nightmare started just after 130 in the morning however patrol officers fox bought a car and raced by them eastbound on the bridge as they approach the treasure island tunnel as a bill to continue our officers came on the vehicle apparently crashed
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into the railing when this stops they attempted to render aid to the occupancy vehicle and at that point the shooting occurred officers and non was shot the suspect drove off with the car was down he is identified as 29 year-old antonio wilders and oakland's and is on parole for a human trafficking conviction. the birds became a crime scene and for hours on the one name was open to traffic. the backups mounted by morning commute city streets were clogged adverse in harrison she had to fill a gas tank. did waves just been 15 cell was the offer that gets me hopefully it will be across the bridge into this one minute traffic. it's terrible. and frustrating. all lanes did not reopen until after 10:00 a.m. why did it take nine hours to
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clear that scene? the investigation we do is very thorough search that the blood shooting team not to conduct an investigation they have to come to the scene and conduct a thorough investigation because we were within the city and san francisco requested assistance so far police have not recovered the suspect sweat than there is also a female passenger in the suspect's car shares been identified as a 26 year-old woman from australia and given the suspects history investigators have questions whether or not she may also be a victim. in windy cbs five. munis back up and running following a mechanical problem in the castro it took six hours to restore service after a part of a train was snagged on an overhead wire and that kills powers to the car and blocked the track. power was restored around 5:00 this afternoon. it's designed to
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catch people firing guns shot by technology of heard about is is this sophisticated it can actually tell the difference between guns and illegal fireworks how well the did the work last night for the allies he is 5 reporter kristin airs on the success of the technology in oakland. jobs 5-capture is a dazzling free-for-all over oakland last night's eagles fireworks. 55 punctuated by the pop of celebratory gunfire that was eight rounds played back using shot but technology which can differentiate between gunfire and fireworks until officers exactly where they're going off. john potter offer technology were officers were able to determine if they're going to set a specific location where shots were fired or firecrackers or any type of fireworks had been set off. officers knew exactly what they're getting
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into. shot but is captured the burst of fireworks 400 times last night and gun fire it eight times and that was just before 11:00 p.m.. durable the setting of the virus in the middle of a west oakland section. the fact is violators were tough to catch. was very instrumental last night's as you well know we had dedicated teams of officers are just responding to fire workers into zealotry gunfire. but it turns out teams of officers did not make one single firework or gunfire later arrest last night to officers did confiscated cast illegal fireworks including bees in 1000 so powerful they can blow a person's handoff. restored now area fire stations that will be disposed of. cps 5. at least not from santa clara that got spooked by fireworks into caugh is back
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with his hands tonight's his handlers and controls over the for the july holiday the driver of a german shepherd had hopped the back fence of to be scared by those in the fireworks even had been missing until late this afternoon when a woman fountain and dropped him off at the spca this dog has been with his handler of for years and justices the two of them reignited dog was happy jump in on him excited and happy home. the woman found him says he came to her. it's a delight in the tradition the clean-up following a big fireworks show there were mountains of trash left over at fort mason in san francisco this morning the grounds were littered with bags of garbage beer cans and pat waste a national recreation areas as it took 55 employees to clear the mess. tivoli's now at started and that was over was supposed
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to be a 20 minute long fireworks show was over in less than 30 seconds in san diego. hundreds of thousands of spectators were disappointed last night is when it is fireworks display in the city if it allows just like that. a lot of them camped out for hours just to see the show organizers say was a technical glitch that causes the fireworks to all go off at once pyrotechnics' company promised to do next year's show for free. apple admits it is not immune to viruses how hacker's finally found a way in. another is not out of the internet to tens of thousands of users my skin on, when and why. what they have to do well right in their crime- fighting. delays hundred
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thousand people to be knocked off the internet on monday because of a malicious computer virus. so the fbi is telling everyone hackers infected computers all the world threatened them to ropes sites in the process they collected millions of dollars in a legal fees from unsuspecting users if your computer is an effective you'll be able to do anything online on this temporary servers are taking down from the fbi your computer will not be able
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to can't connect to the internet even if you have a proper cable connection or dsl or dilute even the fbi says as many as 64,000 computers in the u.s. their risk if the major u.s. companies are also in danger of losing internet access to find out for computers and fax did we have a link on our web sites if you can get on. cps sf-, the story is on our front page. in bad news for apple fans have boasted about high levels of superiority in terms of safety it appears the fires makers have found a way to have gained. reporter liz cook has more on this new virus that preys on your contact list. this virus is actually an act that is, and call at and it's been around long enough for there to be another version of the second version of the contracts of elizabethtown this afternoon after a third party of their debts that this act was actually a virus. leaving apple customer
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is concerned about their safety. chris carr said is not loyalists a huge shock still hear this kind of apple a day doesn't always keep the virus is a way. did we not let and is secure with what they have an with a downtown atlanta down pretty tight. this virus comes in the form of a nap and called the findings call is meant to help users find friends and their social network by accessing their address book. in tax contacts without their permission. dirichlet's they have rins 30 have the gap these people have the act and then everyone that didn't without even letting in no it tax them on your behalf. saying elizabeth what one is down of the sap. the viruses known as a trojan virus because it can go undetected. it invited thousands of users on google ends up windows and apple. to make kokura of the company the
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researchers and recaps says even though apple is known for their security they aren't bulletproof. hackers also seek the large number of users as possible and a double becomes more and more popular particularly on an iphone you see that dominating as a device and it's going to have more people try to attack it. and it's a the best way to attack protect yourself is to do your homework always to the customer views and always today it commissions. take the time to do is. notes lot of reading. a lot of fine print but it's worth it. as the cote thank you. caugh is a high-speed rail projects took another big step forward today the state assembly approves the legislation authorizes california to sell about four and a half billion in state bonds for the system. the states and is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. officers
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and san francisco trading in the house relicts for the first time in almost 140 years those parties blue helmets not the traditional policeman has. it's to help keep them safer and comes as a welcome change for officers it's a moving vehicle. the last head injury in the fourth came to fascinates the officer in that case recovered and is still writing under fallen about 6 ft.. : not as a little bit today. parker little numbers to share with all of the good evening is there live when the camera. we have a bank of clouds in the foreground yesterday was 72 degrees and san francisco 79 in redwood city a cool 10
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degrees there. 81 degrees at all felt the difference. the clue whether all because of this. sudan on sure they're retreating moving back and and again tonight as far inland as the adults of all the way even to announce and housing tracts clearing house and then moving back on shore for friday night's. will seem more seasonal high temperatures in the day because it's actually entering from the back door its retrograding taking all that midwest heat in east coast teeth into the west coast. sell this weekend if you're making plans had yet to the fair grounds grab the sun block in the nineties tonight in the 40's and '50's with gray sky is blue with the upgrade tomorrow and it's the sunshine sixties will be noted
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at the seashore '70s up and down the peninsula then we jump into the low to middle and high 80s across the santa clara valley. to santa clara into woodland up to 87 degrees and bread with an bingo was where we should be. this is a westerly 10 to 20 along the north bay. 67 degrees. nancy we're entering a warming trend temperatures go immense all the way into the mid-90s and that indeed is the warmer and pinpoint forecasts for and glamorous sports coming up next. you might be surprised to rent that helmets who is popular on board with an ever before. if
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you think amend other way around a motorcycle thing again harley driver is more women are buying motorcycles in california than ever before monera snubbing of
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serious machines like the italian this is it keys and the harleys. each womanizer own unique reason for writing. my berth at the time i realized easily control of what i ride it did if i ride. i can't have this. absolutely not the numbers show about one in five california motorcycle riders are women. the fishermen or fish are women in southern california repealed in a cats so big is the talk at the dock. but i doubt the shark 15 mi. of the coast of marina del rey on monday. is this created the ad accounts. they tried to ways but the scales at the docks in straight
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ahead an i saw his and i couldn't believe it. and happened to the giants again. all in a minute. will be joining
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the giants missed in the run and will miss the rest of the season after undergoing back surgery. and now the rest of the story. here we go. i came to the giants turning back the clock with the throwbacks and a three hit tonight to credits rbi triple in the seventh here comes the big robust candace the giants led
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521 the lid 521 and it back in the nationals. some data couldn't get it done and you see the throw for crawford just couldn't get its they beat the giants 65 to suit the series. one step closer to her fed government tattled 24 aces the dispatch her as a straight sets, getting loose with the greenbrier crass in virginia tiger woods that candidate was for him. eight strokes behind the day's sitting in finely jason came taking his talents to the apple. so we know how would you are. i still older than us.
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